15/06/19 Iles Purpuraires


Violet is what’s left when you gift everything else to the wind. For awhile I fear I lost it but like Perkin (who discovered synthetic mauve) I am now searching for the next hue. I bumped into Halima in the street today she was off to by flowers from a man called Hassan. His door was locked, no one home. On his street were petals of onion. In his window hung a floral purple cloth. A man in a cap told me that the miniature moustached men holding the shutters open are soldiers. To me they look like they are sleeping, or are they trying to keep us all alive and awake?

Vibrant Violet is activated by touch if you lick the end of your finger and gently stroke the green powder it appears and stains everything. The Poupura is female if you touch murex, the male he turns a blue, green turquoise.






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