Monthly Archives: March 2012

23/03/12 Blue Town

Fake skies and fake seas are in abundance in Blue Town. Authentic water on the other hand  is hard to find. When finally you do you find it its barely blue…  On this pale blue note I have finished mining for Blue in Blue Town for now.

18/03/12 Blue Town

The impenetrable dockyard wall…whats behind there? You can see glimpses of street lights, industrial buildings, a Georgian terrace and trees. The foliage is sparse almost lonely as if its trying to creep out without being noticed. 24hrs a day lorries stream in and out of the port perhaps they know…

16/03/12 Blue Town

The sea cadets all dressed in 4’s uniforms (blue shirts, blue woolly pulleys and blue berets) came to Blue Town and met ‘Jim the Diver’ in who was wearing a blue blazer.

14/03/12 Blue Town

Blue jeans, blue t’shirts, blue shorts and blue boxer shorts being blown by the breeze…

10/03/12 Blue Town

At the top of a house on Naval Terrace you can see the last traces of a blue room… The building used to be a foster home and the blue room the legacy of a long lost teenager. In the same house the friend of an ornament in a blue dress mysteriously vanished never to be seen again…

09/03/12 Blue Town

On close inspection the former incarnations of the cafe and pub reveal themselves to have been blue…

07/03/12 Blue Town

Howling wind and rain…… trapped inside there was nothing for it but to keep talking. Johanna’s whole family and extended family are connected to the Navy although she herself hates the water. She used to be a prolific gardener and would plant blue flowers every year to attract the hummingbirds.

06/03/12 Blue Town

Today was all about the audio. Mary remembers the allure of the dockyard and is the first person I have met who recalls first hand the magical blue houses. She described the waves of sailors that used to flood the area daily.

05/03/12 Blue Town

Fountains, Characters, Cats, Statues, Hedgehogs, Otters, Elephants, Bears, Tortoises, Cows, Snails, Snakes, Moles, Badgers, Pigs, Rabbits, Squirrels, Frogs, Fish…