Colour Walk

Colour Walk is an extension of Colour Mining. Colour Walk is a constantly evolving physical archive of colour observations made by the public. It is on tour for the duration of the Colour Mining Project. Its intention is to invite people to explore colour and to extend the Colour Mining conversation. Colour Walk visits different locations with the aim of gathering data related to people’s personal thoughts, feelings and experiences of the spectrum colours.

Colour Walk unfolds as follows:

  • Colour Walk arrives in a location and the archive is installed.
  • For the duration of its stay the public are invited to collect a form from the desk and select one of the spectrum colours from the list.
  • They take a walk with that colour – looking for it in the people and the place.
  • They record what they see (in writing, drawing, diagrams, audio recording or photographs). The completed form is then be returned to the Colour Walk archive.
  • There, the data is filed and added to the ever expanding Colour Walk archive. It travels with the archive to future locations.