Monthly Archives: February 2012

29/02/12 Blue Town

If you step out the front of the Blue Town Heritage Centre and really look hard at the dockyard wall you can still see the shrapnel wounds left by the bomb. At the time the former music hall was owned by a uniform manufacturer. Overalls, aprons , police uniforms, army and navy uniforms all so often blue….



24/02/12 Blue Town

Is the magic in Blue Town to do with its unique geography? When you are in the alleys or coming across the bridge at night there is a  sense of being transported to another time. With the dock wall on one side and the vast blue steel mill on the other this triangle of land has somehow held its history. Gordon recalls that when he used to live next door to the pub he would often hear a furious knocking on his front door at 4 am. When he went down there was never anyone there…

17/02/12 Blue Town

A line of ladies with crossed hands wearing multiple shades of blue. I wonder if any of them ever looked at a dream like vision of Blue Town through an empty glass bottle on the window ledge of the Albion pub.

16/02/12 Blue Town

Taking pictures of portraits. Shirts, cardigans, jumpers and dresses… Why are so many uniforms blue?


15/02/12 Blue Town

Dot is dotty about Delph… Her first foreign adventure was to walk out of her front door and jump on a ferry to Holland. She has had a love affair with the place, people and the unique pottery ever since. Dot’s favourite colour is blue but she confesses she also likes red.

11/02/12 Blue Town

Where is the water? For a place born out of its proximity to water it seems so strange that from no point in Blue Town can you see the sea.

10/02/12 Blue Town

The scent of blue…and the discovery that there is a lady in Blue Town who has a tattoo of a smurfette.

08/02/12 Blue Town

In Gillingham I met Jim. In his 90 years of life he has undertaken over 50,000 dives under the surface of the blue sea. He was kind enough to tell me some wonderful tales including how he was once trapped under water at the docks in Blue Town for 4hrs. He showed me some wares from Blue Town, a boat in a bottle and a divers bust from Whelan’s which he painted himself. These humbrol blueish paints are in shades of Pusser’s (Naval Slang) grey.

07/02/12 Blue Town

Listen up listen up…

It appears that down at the docks…

After a few bottles of blue…

People have been playing miniature golf!

03/02/12 Blue Town

Mining today was mostly about all things miniature. The model man above dressed in two shades of blue is conducting an anchor trial. I learnt that the blue bulbs from 01/02/12’s post belong to an old camera flash. They can only be used once. These rare blue lights were saved and returned to their rightful home on a shelf with the Olympus’s and Box Brownies. Next week I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the scorpions that live in the dockyard wall…