Colour Mining
Blue Town, Isle of Sheppey, UK, Europe
Feb – Mar 2012

Editor – Rick Robbins
Soundtrack- Quest: Filipe Sousa-Piano, Preetha Narayanan – Violin, Tara Franks – Cello

Blue Town is a suburb of the town of Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Blue Town grew up alongside the Naval Dock Yard during the Napoleonic Wars. It gained its distinctive name from the practice of the earliest inhabitants to preserve their wooden houses using blue paint ‘liberated’ from their employers in the dock yard. It is a small self-contained community positioned in a triangle of houses and alleyways, compressed between the dockyard wall and Well Marsh (home to the steel works).

In February and March 2012 I put on a pair of blue high-top trainers and spent 30 days colour mining blue in the town. The data collected was used to create a short film Colour Mining Blue. The archive of blue (photographs, film and audio recordings) is housed at the Blue Town Heritage Centre.

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