Colour Mining
Yellow River, Chilecito, La Rioja, Argentina, South America
November 2014

Editor Andy Sowerby
Voice Dominique & Franco

In Novemeber 2014 I visited the Río Amarillo (Yellow River). I stayed with Franco and Dominique at their beautiful Cabanas Rio Amarillo which are on the provincial road No 14, in Paraje Las Talas, between the station No 2 and No 3 of Cable Carril, five kilometres away from the centre of the town of Chilecito. I slept in a little yellow house twenty meters from the Yellow River. Everyday I set out from there by foot , car or quad bike in a pair of yellow shoes in search of yellow. I collected 411 photographs, 25 videos and 10 audio clips. The archive remains in Argentina. Dominique and I made the archival files together. There is one archival folder in each of the three rooms.

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