21/12/12 Red Room


The red room is full … Today I sat in a much loved crimson cafe reluctantly trying to fathom how to say farewell to red. On the way there I passed a wind up creature with a missing drum. This object stood out in a city of a million things rust red with bright red trousers. I thought I saw red in the milky plastic drumsticks of this vulnerable, resilient and determined toy. Then somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd rust red tea a cat took up residence on my lap. It rendered me temporarily immobile. I looked down at my red note book and realised the page I was writing on had a production flaw, the edge was square not round. There was red! Its not one its everyone; it lives and breathes; its the interruption and the imperfection; you can not find it it finds you; it is human, flawed and free. Goodbye red … the room and Kadikoy.



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